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Jack White Gives Tour Inside Third Man Records Factory on ‘CBS This Morning’

May 6, 2017 Music

Jack White appeared on CBS This Morning Saturday to give a rare look inside his recently opened Third Man Records factory as well as discuss his vinyl magnate aspirations.

"One day, I want this place to be like what I had heard about Henry Ford wanted for the Ford Motor Company, which was you pour in all your raw materials on this side, and out the other side of the factory pop out cars," White said.

"We're close now. The only thing we're not doing is plating and making the sleeves." White's new Detroit factory also boasts "all new presses, new boilers, new hydraulics, new piping. Everything is brand new."

White's Third Man Records has earned a reputation for their inventive approach toward vinyl, going back to 2010 and the "triple decker"

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Miley Cyrus Responds to Backlash Over Hip-Hop Remarks

May 6, 2017 Music

Miley Cyrus has responded to the backlash that followed the singer's controversial remarks in a recent interview about the current state of hip-hop.

Speaking to Billboard ahead of her new single "Malibu" – which leans closer to country than the Mike Will Made-It bangers Cyrus has released in recent years – the singer said she likes Kendrick Lamar's "Humble" "because it's not 'Come sit on my dick, suck on my cock.' I can't listen to that anymore. That's what pushed me out of the hip-hop scene a little. It was too much 'Lamborghini, got my Rolex, got a girl on my cock' – I am so not that."

Cyrus, who has faced cultural appropriation accusations in the past, was roundly criticized for her new stance on the genre she previously reaped the benefits of.

In an

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Teddy Riley Talks Honing New Jack Swing, Learning From Michael Jackson

May 6, 2017 Music

The "New Jack Swing" label is commonly used to pigeonhole a specific strain of R&B – characterized by gun-shot snare drums, cluster bombs of hi-hat triplets and imperious singers like Keith Sweat and Bobby Brown – that was popularized in 1987 and peaked with the release of Michael Jackson's Dangerous album in 1991.

But Teddy Riley, an architect of the sound as a producer for Sweat, Brown and Jackson, will tell you that thinking of the term in such a way is both narrow-minded and short-sighted. It's better to split pop music into two categories: the stuff that came out before New Jack Swing and the stuff released after it.

"All these people that are marrying singing with rap or making a song that's a rap song into a singing song? That's New Jack Swing," Riley

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See Big Sean Tackle ‘Hate, Police Brutality’ in Stirring ‘Light’ Video

May 6, 2017 Music

Big Sean reflects on "hate, policebrutality and just overall people losing their lives too early" in his movingnew video for "Light." Although the track isn't an official I Decided single, the rapper largely paid for the video himself in order to spread its important message.

The video centers around three distressing scenes of senseless violence: A young girl killed in the middle of a drive-by shooting, two kids shot by police after their water guns are mistaken for real weapons and a Muslim woman stabbed by a masked assailant.

In each case, however, at the moment of death, a light descends down from the sky and prevents the body from suffering harm; soon after, Big Sean shows up driving a white van and collects the victims before taking them to a vacant parking lot

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Watch Gorillaz Perform ‘Feel Good Inc.’ With Stephen Colbert

May 6, 2017 Music

A week after Gorillaz visited The Late Show to play Humanz' "Let Me Out," the late-night show posted 30 more musical minutes from Damon Albarn's star-studded project, including the band's "Feel Good Inc.," but with host Stephen Colbert filling in for De La Soul.

The rendition of the Demon Days cut starts off normally, with Albarn megaphoning his verses before the music swells in anticipation of De La Soul's arrival. However, instead of the rap group, Colbert appeared on the Ed Sullivan Theater's screens, with the host nimbly delivering the rapid-fire rhymes.

Colbert's performance garnered a nod of approval from Albarn, who applauded the host.

The Late Show visit marked Gorillaz' first late-night appearance since 2010, when the group played

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